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Turbo Motors is Kolkata’s largest pre-owned car showrooms. The company is in the business of selling high quality pre-owned cars to its customers, with hassle-free documentation and car transfers. Because the pre-owned car industry is largely disorganized, customers face problems like improper car documentation, car transfer delays and poor quality of cars when they buy from people like the local mechanic or from complete strangers. Turbo Motors brings quality assurance and peace of mind by ensuring following features - Widest Choice, Quality Checks, Warranty, Refurbished Like New, and Transparency. You can buy a pre-owned car from turbo Motors, and sell your pre-owned car to Turbo Motors as well. We are regarded as one of the most reliable names in pre-owned cars segment.

               The used car market today is already larger than the new car market. The interesting part is that the used car market is growing at a faster pace as compared to the new car market. . Turbo Motors, the used car supermarket, addresses the need of multiple stakeholders in the used cars space. Turbo Motors is a platform to enable buyers and sellers to meet and do business. Turbo Motors, with its unique understanding of the industry and rich experience, provides for a comprehensive set of products and services to satisfy every need in the market, employing the latest technology available today. 


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